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What is Included in our Monthly SEO Packages & Plans?

Our Monthly SEO packages include a wide range of SEO Activities. Each service is engineered to improve your SERPs ranking. However, depending on your unique needs, you may opt to forego a service or two- those you deem unhelpful for your current situation. Look at the sub-packages to see which versions of our three main packages best suit your immediate situation. Under our SEO Pricing, we work on following major areas:

Initial Review & Analysis

This stage begins with an in-depth analysis of your site to evaluate the scope of your SEO needs. The findings here guide all the other steps. We do our keyword analysis at this stage and determine the most effective search terms for your business. Architectural problems, revealed in the analysis, are forwarded to our development team. Broken links are also identified at this stage, and favorable measures determined. We also check for Google penalties, which are then forwarded to our penalty recovery experts. Depending on the package, competition analysis may also be carried out to determine the best strategies for ranking higher than your main competitors. We also check for duplicate content on your pages and delete repetitions to ensure a leaner and faster-loading site. In a nutshell, this stage is used to identify all the main SEO issues that face your brand.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization (on-page SEO) is a collective name given to all SEO strategies implemented directly on your website’s pages. Content is king. We ensure that your content is both optimized and relevant to your target audience. We also optimize your Title and Meta tags to ensure they comply with SEO best practices. Your URL structures are then re-organized to reflect your pages’ hierarchy. On-page SEO affects your clients directly; it’s the only form of optimization that directly interacts with your visitors. That makes on-page SEO very significant. Depending on the package, you can also get location-based analysis. This type of analysis is vital if you want to rank in a specific locality.

Structure Data Markup

Structure Data Markups are codes that tell search engines what a page is about. These codes help search engines provide the most relatable user results. In return, the search engine algorithm rewards the page with a higher ranking. This powerful SEO strategy is the most ignored SEO practice today. Structure Data Markup allows a lot of user-relevant information to be packed into your SERPs. This will enable visitors to determine the nitty-gritty of a page without necessarily clicking on it. Such information catches the eye of your visitors. Some may even prefer to visit your page over a higher-ranking page.  

Local Search Optimization

Local SEO  helps businesses rank highly for localized search terms. When your company creates a buzz in its locality, chances are the greater market will glance to see what’s causing the commotion. We help you rank for local keywords and help your business build a following. We optimize your content for your local market and trigger engagement. Most of the people, in your locality, looking your business up, will almost always buy from you. Our local SEO services also adds your business’ details to the relevant online business directories. This will make your business pop-up in the related local searches. 

Content Marketing

Search engines love great content. We’ll help you generate content that is both engaging and informative. We conform our content to the best SEO practices. Our time-tested team of writers research the net, conduct studies, and create the most relevant articles and blogs for your site. Good content also helps generate backlinks. Our professional blogs and articles will help you rise to become a respected voice in your field. We only hire niche experts to write for us, so your articles are in good hands. Finally, we compile relevant research and case studies into PDF giveaways to enhance the visitor experience.

Off-Page Optimization 

Offsite SEO refers to strategies implemented outside a website’s pages. The first is link building; we generate healthy backlinks for your site. We also launch various social media marketing plans to get people talking about your brand. That’s off-page SEO in a nutshell; getting a handle on how your brand is perceived in the market. We also guest blog on various authority sites to generate more high-value backlinks for your pages. Finally, on request, we can engage relevant brand influencers to market your product.

Video Marketing

Videos are very popular in the digital marketplace. A third of the average internet user’s time is spent watching videos. This is why 87% of all online marketers use videos. Video becomes especially important if you are targeting millennials; millennials watch more online videos than any other demographic. Our video marketers oversee the creation of the most relevant videos and upload them to various social media platforms. We are mainly concerned with YouTube marketing because it’s the most popular video platform on the planet. Over 500 million hours of video content is watched on the platform every day.

Voice Search Optimization

About 50% of search engine searches will be conducted by speech by the end of the year 2020. Considering the rate at which the popularity of voice search is rising, it’s not insane to assume that voice search will surpass typed searches shortly. To optimize your pages for voice search, we re-write your titles to match spoken language. That’s voice search, in a nutshell, optimize page titles to mimic spoken word. Naturally, we don’t talk in the manner that we write. Our speech is usually less formal than its written equivalent. That said, your titles can’t be faithful to the rules of grammar and rank; at least not as far as voice search is concerned.

SEO Packages (Local, Global & Ecommerce) – Which One to Choose!

Our affordable SEO packages are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our three main packages are tailored for different markets and niches. For the best results, weigh your needs against each package. All packages are further sub-categorized into sub-packages to ensure there’s an option for almost all price points.

 1 – Local SEO – What, Why & How?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an optimization strategy geared towards making you rank higher in local searches. This form of SEO uses location-relevant keywords to attract local traffic. A whopping 80% of your potential clients use search engines to assess businesses in their locality. 73% of these people trust the internet’s opinion on businesses. Local SEO focuses on engaging this demographic. Most businesses focus on the greater global market at the expense of their immediate market (local market). This mistake sees them spend a lot of money to attract a broad audience when a cheaper, more profitable alternative market is just around the corner- pun intended. 

Why Local SEO Packages?

The local market is very easy to conquer. Most local traffic comes from people who are ready to buy; they don’t need much convincing. That saves you the effort you would have otherwise spent on conversions. The local market is also uniquely suited to usher you into the broader global market. Local markets enhance your brand awareness by reviewing and engaging with your brand online. That user interest in what you offer tells Google algorithms you are a relevant search, improving your overall SERPs rank. Rating from your local market also helps you forge the reputation of a credible supplier of your relevant product. One Plan targets One Search Engine.

How We Do It?

Our team of SEO marketing experts starts by adding your business’s details to online directories. The three most important business directories you’ll be added to Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellowbook. We also place your business on Google Maps. We then update all the information that the customer will need to find you: address, contacts, website, opening hours, and any other relatable details. After that, our SEO experts conduct a thorough analysis of all relevant local keywords. The keywords inform the creation of locally-relevant articles that’ll help you rank. The content also creates an opportunity for you to engage your local market.

2 – Global SEO – What, Why & How?

What is Global SEO?

The digital revolution shrunk the world- it’s now a global village. Global SEO reflects this reality. It’s a strategy that seeks to help you generate money from markets outside of your geographical, social, and linguistic reach. This form of SEO breaks language and social barriers ushering your products into new and more profitable markets. Global SEO involves the use of new keywords and searches terms to sell your products in new markets.

Why Global SEO Packages?

A quick look at global population distribution reveals that only targeting English-speakers isn’t the best strategy. There are only 983 million English-speaking people in the world. Compare that to 1.1 billion people who speak Mandarin. If you were to target both English and Mandarin speakers, you’d more than double your market size. Global SEO allows you to sell to non-English speaking markets. Only about 13% of the global market speaks English as a native language. Therefore, expanding your marketing into non-English speaking markets introduces your products to about 76% of the world’s population. One Plan targets One Search Engine.

How We Do It?

Our Global SEO strategy begins with translating your content. Your traffic, when content is available in multiple languages, increases. The translation is, however, not enough to dominate new markets. Therefore, after the initial strategy, we conduct localized keyword research for every new market you’re interested in. This way, you get an authentic connection with the new market. Your content becomes relatable, and you become a relevant player in the market. Keyword analysis of the new market also reveals new search terms of interest, specific to the new market. We use these new terms to help you rank fast in each new market.

3 – E-commerce SEO – What, Why & How?

What is Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO seeks to help your Ecommerce business stand out in the larger Ecommerce ecosystem. 23.6% of all Ecommerce orders come from organic traffic. Good Ecommerce SEO gives your business a decent share of those orders. User behavior is also very telling of the importance of good SEO strategies for Ecommerce; 44% of online shoppers begin their shopping on a search engine. That said, 60% of search traffic goes to the first three positions. Ecommerce SEO positions you to monetize that traffic.

Why Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a very effective strategy for increasing your revenue. 35% of all product searches on Google result in a transaction within a 5-day time frame. Ecommerce SEO is engineered to help your business monetize this reality. It gives you traffic that’s not only ready to buy but buys quick. In fact, the average time between a product search and the relevant purchase is just 20 days. That shows that good Ecommerce SEO packages can easily increase your purchases in a manner of days. One Plan targets One Search Engine.

How We Do It?

Our team of experts places a lot of significance on keyword research when it comes to Ecommerce. This is because not all ranking keywords result in revenue increases. Informational keywords (like how-to guides) are good for generating a buzz around your business. However, for quick monetization, we focus on relevant product searches like ‘white polo shirt.’ Site architecture is also very influential for Ecommerce SEO. This is because Ecommerce websites tend to have more pages than the typical site. We conduct technical SEO (site architecture re-structuring) with your relevant keywords in mind. Not only will you rank high on SERPs, but you’ll also rank for the most profitable product searches.

Cost Effective SEO

Compared to paid search, Search Engine Optimization is extremely economical. This leading SEO firm offers individually tailored SEO pricing packages. SEO plans & pricing comes with an increased standard of ROI, and to get your task done efficiently, the pricing is also published online unlike its rival companies. Thus, the business owners looking forward to optimizing their websites to garner the best rankings for some particular keywords should make use of the top-tier affordable SEO packages from trustworthy SEO firms. These firms have committed SEO services advisors who’re well-versed in putting into use innovative techniques and strategies to optimize their clients’ websites quite efficiently.


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